Sunday, August 12, 2007

Varnishing Tips Free Tutorial

I have been meaning to add this tutorial...actually tips page for my Poly Clay Play Club subscribers for a long time...I have put it on my Freebies page. Feel free to read it, save it... The tutorial is written about the way I varnish things...feel free to take from it what works best for you. After you read it, please let me know how you varnish items! Suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.

There are other freebies you are welcome to open and save. Enjoy! More are on the way. I try to add at least one a month.
Happy Poly Clay Playing,


Dyneau Poodles and Glitz said...

I am in love,,,,,,with my rock tumbler. I used to get my fingers in a bind with the sanding and buffing. Now all I do is put some med. size river rocks in the tumbler, add beads, water a kittle over the top and some Dawn dish washing liquid. I let it tumble about 8 to 10 hours, depending on the size of the beads and BAM! All the beads are nice and smooth and buffed. The only thing I do then is take my tiny plastic strainer, put the beads in it, dip it in a really good floor wax, let the strainer drain real good ( bump it a couple times to get the drips off). i then take the beads out and put them on the slick side of the freezer paper. After a dew min. I move them around to another place ort side of the bead. You want to talk about nice and shiney, I'm telling you they are great. Just thought I would let you know. PS, I bought my tumbler at Harbor Freight. We have one in my town but you can order on line as well. They don't cost a lot. Dyan

Trish - said...

Thanks Dyan!!

HJC Editor said...

Hi! Great tips! I will be linking at in future post.