Sunday, October 14, 2007

More things to keep me busy...hmmm I will have to give up sleeping!

1.) OK...Mark and I found our first Geocache. It took a couple of times to figure out our handheld GPS but 3rd time's the charm. You can read more about it at Click on Our Adventures.

2.) I am launching an ATC Swap...Artist Trading should be great fun! The club members get a tutorial of one to make and in the Freebie's there will be a free tutorial posted some time today for a very simple ATC...just to give you an idea of how to start if you are like I was and don't have a clue. There will also be a basic guide to ATC's there.

OK...I haven't had lunch and it is after 4 PM...I need a snack until dinner! LOL

Just wanted to share what's new.

Happy Poly Clay Playing!

Friday, October 5, 2007

What's New? Geocaching and ATC's

Since coming back from my retreat, I have been playing catch up! I am almost there! Wooo Whoooo!!


In the last few days, I have done research on a couple of topics. One being Geocaching as I mentioned in the last notes. I plan to make a tutorial on making your own Signature Item to be placed in caches. I made one of my own, although I already know that it will evolve. You can see it at I would love to see other polymer clay Signature's and post them for everyone to see. If you or someone you know is interested in Geocaching, send them to the site! If you make your own clay Signature's, send me a photo and I will post it.

The other research I have done is a result of the suggestion of a newer club member to add a project for ATC's to the Club. I think it would be grand fun to host an ATC Swap. In case you don't know, ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. The rules are short...
1) They must be exchanged, NOT sold!
2) They must be 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch or 64 X 89 mm in size.

Type in Artist Trading Cards Polymer Clay in a search engine and you will get links to see lots of samples!

OK...enough gabbing, time to get back to work.

Don't forget to check out

Happy Poly Clay Playing,

Monday, October 1, 2007

Beach fun!

I had a great time and it was fun to see all the cousin's again and it is always great to see my sister. I only see the cousin's once a year and being the baby, it is fun to hear all the stories that I wasn't around to be a part of. I was born later and am young enough to be several of the cousin's daughter.

One of the cousins taught us about Geocaching. Wow, what fun that is and what a great way to get some exercise and visit fun places. If you haven't heard of it, go to It is free to join. When you do, put in your zip code and I am sure you will find lots of caches close to you.

It also has my mind working on polymer clay...hmmmm can't think of what they are called in geo lingo...signature items (I think). The basic premise use a handheld GPS receiver (global positioning satellite) much like the map ones in cars to find the coordinates of the "find". One type is a box with trinkets to trade. You take something (such as a keychain) and you leave something in it's place. There is a log for you to sign to say that you have been there. Read more about it. There is so much more! The cache's are all over the world and if you like treasure hunting, or scavenger hunting, you will probably like this. Once you have a gps (you can get them for less than $100) the cost is only gas to get there and time and exercise to find the fun.

Once I have a few finds under my belt, I will probably add a project for signature items and maybe have a link on my site to compare with other geocachers. Let me know if you have done this! I would love to learn more and find other polymer clayers that are having fun with it.

Back to the beach...every year we all bring little gifts for each other. This year, mine was a "shell purse" for hunting shells. I think it was a big hit and came in very handy on the beach. I wrote the project for the Poly Clay Play Kid's Club. It was made by decorating a plastic tube, shaped like a pringles can but plastic. Drink mixes come in them. Then I decorated it with a beach theme with a cord handle and a lid.

About Color...I just read about a neat place if you want to get a color scheme to match a photo. Go to It is a neat place and may help if you have a brain freeze about what colors to use! LOL

OK...I really should be working since the weekend put me way behind.

Happy Poly Clay Playing!