Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cousin's Retreat

Yea!!! My Sister and one cousin are flying in so we can meet the rest of the group for our annual Cousin's Weekend Retreat this weekend. We will meet at a beach house graciously donated for the cause of keeping 9 ladies sane (maybe insane LOL) for another year!

This will be our 5th year of fun! It will be a nice time away for me. It is so hard to justify a vacation with my hubby having such a hard time finding a job but this will be a free weekend and a much needed break from Poly Clay Play not to mention the fact that we all have such a fun time every year. I love my Poly Clay Play job and will miss it terribly but you just have to step back every now and then and get a new perspective. Hmmmm how will I go the whole time without claying or access to the Internet?

I have been working very hard this month so that I can afford to be out of pocket for 6 days, two of which are at home but with my Sister and Cousin here before and after our trip to the beach, I won't be able to accomplish much!

Hmmm 4 days on the beach. I love the beach as my Kid's Club will see reflected in some of the projects! Who knows, the inspiration may still be there for the other club too!

OK...back to getting everything done in time.

Happy Poly Clay Playing,


Tricia said...

Sounds like so much fun. Hope it's a wonderful weekend for you all. And that you'll tell us all about it. Love you :)

Kay from WI said...

Yes, We all deserve time away. But our minds never seem to go on vacation with us as they keep creeping back to home and work. But enjoy your sister and cousin (don't get in to much trouble LOL) and let us know about your adventure! And no I wasn't sorry I ask where you were, I really enjoyed your blog. It was great. Go---have fun.