Monday, February 9, 2009

I spend my life saying..."There isn't enough time in a day!"

I know I should be writing so much more because it has been so long since my last post but I am afraid if I got started, I would be here all day so I will start with the latest video I did for Poly Clay Play and talk a little about this fun technique!!

It starts with a design you want to transfer from your computer to polymer clay. It can be anything from a phrase to a photo of your kids! I had great fun designing a bracelet for the Poly Clay Play Club using this technique and have gotten so many compliments every time I wear it. You can sorta see a photo of it here along with links to more information...

Image Transfer Projects

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Hi! You need to post more often because I'm following you now! LOL. Blogging gets addicting!! Have fun, Dolores