Sunday, December 16, 2007

...the faster it goes!

Where did the year go? I cannot believe it is almost 2008. The old saying "The older you get, the faster it goes." keeps coming to mind. How true that is.

I am a little sad about Christmas this year. We don't have room to put up the tree and it would be a little sad this year anyway...we don't have much in the way of presents to put under it to give. Hopefully my hubby will get a response from one of the tons of job applications he has filled out.

On a really happy note, the club continues to grow, by mm instead of inches or feet or yards even but it is growing...and I must be doing something right...all my yearly subscribers keep signing on for another year. That is very exciting and I really appreciate all my subscribers. I love coming up with the projects and all that goes with that...designing and creating with clay, the photos, working with PhotoShop, the writing and even the publishing is fun.

I don't do a very good job of advertising...that has always been my downfall with any business I have done. The good news, there are others that are helping with their listings in blogs and such. I just added a new link to an arts and crafts lover who wrote wonderful things about Poly Clay Play. (Check out B Creative U listed in my links) Thank you to all who have gone before her too!

The ATC swap I hosted was fun. The pics of the exchangers ATC's are at Poly Clay Play... Just click on ATC Swaps to see all the fun holiday cards everyone came up with.

Send me a note if you want to be involved in the Valentine Clay ATC Swap. I will add your name to the list that is growing. I am looking forward to making Valentine ATC's. I haven't come up with the details yet but will very soon after the holidays.

In June I started offering a "Challenge" every month. There haven't been many entries in the last few challenges but I am hoping it is because of all the busy holidays. You can see the current challenge at the same address as the ATC's along with all the fun entries in the past challenges.

My youngest daughter turned 23 yesterday. Once again...time flies....! She was just a tiny baby the day before, it seems! I made her a polymer clay beaded watch band. It was for a watch she has loved but wore out the band for. As usual, I made it too long for her skinny little wrist...I remember being that skinny...hmmm, not only do the years go by too fast, the pounds come on too fast too! LOL

I added a fun thing to Poly Clay Play...go check out Poly Grams! I found this neat program that lets me put e-cards there for you to send to your friends. Of course the pictures I am using are made from photos of polymer clay. Go to the bottom of the choices of cards and you can see the gingerbread guys I made as small gifts for friends.

They were great fun, all 40 of them...join the Poly Clay Play Club and you can get the instructions to make him (hint, hint, hint LOL). He even smells like cinnamon!
Go send a Poly Gram card to a friend! I will add new cards as I get them made. If you have a certain sentiment you would like to see there, let me know and I will see what I can come up with. I am not happy with the way the page is set up but it will get better when I have more time to fight with the html...oh I mean play with it! LOL

I don't know that I will have time to get back here to write more until 2008. I hope you all are going to have a very Merry Christmas and a very SAFE and Happy New Year!

Happy Poly Clay Playing!!


c-dizzle said...

i am sorry about your current situation. i truely hope the new year brings a new job for your hubby, one he will enjoy and one that will make your family financially secure! onto christmas, you know, the holidays are not really about the presents, some of our best holidays were when i was on welfare and had very little to put under the tree. instead we made gingerbread cookies, strung popcorn and hung out with family. i remember just being greatful that a friend gave us a bos of glass (cheap) ornaments to hang on the tree. we were so excited! i still have those on my tree. i know right now it doesn't seem like a blessing to be in your situation, but your family will remember the true spirit of christmas this year, it is about family, friends, fellowship and grace. a very merry christmas and happy new year to you and yours!

Trish - said...

Hi c-dizzle,
What a kind message you left. Thank you so much. We are truly blessed with family and friends. Most days I remember and cherish that! I have faith that it will all work out. Thank you again for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I couldn't see how to contact you on the polyclayplay site, so I have a question about the ATC. I don't really understand how you want us to mail them. Do we put them in an envelope with extra postage included? How do we know who they go to? Or do we not know? Get back with me when you get a chance, please! :)